The Moscato Life Story

The Moscato Life Story

In 2013, I was in the middle of studying for my Degree. I was looking to shake my life up a bit, so when the opportunity came to spend a year abroad, I took it. Australia was my home for the next 12 months.

This move came with all the tests you’d expect; making new friends, trying to get a job and learning a new culture. It all worked out and I had a great time. However, what has stayed with me most from the trip, has been discovering Moscato wine – it was everywhere. You could get it in bars and restaurants and people drank it on the beach or at parties. Australia’s Banrock Station Moscato was the first one I tried.

Coming back to the UK, finding some bottles of Moscato wine was high on my to do list. Yet, in UK supermarkets it was so hard to find and once I did, it was often not restocked. It was so frustrating.  

In the following years I had travelled to Capri, Rome and Venice in Italy. Again, Moscato was prominent on the supermarket shelves and the restaurant wine lists. My frustration grew and it was after my hen do in Miami that I decided to really do something about it. It was the same story: the liquor stores in Miami had a whole variety of Moscato’s but coming back to the UK there was minimal choice, often none at all.

In the UK, I was usually finding moscatos from Barefoot or the Gallo FamilyThey did the job, but I knew there were so much more out there.

I would bring a moscato that I had found abroad to get-togethers with friends. It always went down well and I’d be asked where I got it from. It was a great feeling discovering different Moscato wines over these years and even better seeing people enjoy it.

Sharing this feeling is what Moscato Life exists for.  We want to break through any misconceptions about Moscato wine and provide the best selection of Moscato available in the UK. 

Please, check out our website, connect with us on Instagram, come and see us at our events, and we believe you’ll be making moscato one of your go to drinks.